Interview nerves? How to beat them.

Interviews are a big part of life. “Getting it right” at your interview could be the key to unlocking opportunities like your dream job, an academic course or the experience of a life time. Our top piece of advice for nailing an interview  - be prepared.  

Interview jitters are pretty common; as with anything important you’re probably keen to do your best and a little bit of anticipation can keep you on top. Preparation is the most productive way to keep the nerves at bay. Knowing what you are letting yourself in for, in multiple ways, will keep the surprises to a minimum and let you demonstrate your suitability for the opportunity and focus on letting your strengths shine through. 

Researching the organisation and the role you are applying for is essential: it proves your interest, your understanding and your commitment. It also helps you to think about the types of questions you might be asked, giving you the chance to prepare answers and examples of when you have demonstrated skills that make you suitable for the role. Reading through any information such as a job description and person specification or course requirements will help you gauge what they are looking for and how best to present your answers. Checking out who’s on the panel and their backgrounds can make you feel more comfortable during the interview.

It’s also worth investigating practicalities: planning your journey and checking your timings, making sure your interview outfit fits and is comfortable, and making sure any electronic devices you need are charged are just a few things to check . Advice on presentations and public speaking can also come in handy, providing tips on things like body language.

The Careers Service has some useful resources you can use, including an online “Interview Simulator”. There's also loads of advice online; this article from the Guardian Careers Blog is a great place to start.
Careers Service

Careers Service

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